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Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten


Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

Our research and development team constantly looks for the new techniques and equipment to produce high-quality cotton yarns and bales. They are working on inventing new technologies and methods to streamline the entire yarn manufacturing process and we are benefitted immensely.

  • Uster HVI Spectrum :
  • Measures cotton quality like Length, Fineness, Strength, Length Uniformity, Trash, Short Fibre Index, Moisture , Color Grade Etc .
  • Uster AFIS Pro2 :
  • Measures the most important Fibre properties for process control in a Spinning like Neps, Length, Short Fibre Content, Maturity and Trash in cotton.
  • Uster Evenness Tester 5 :
  • Measures the yarn evenness (U%) , Co-efficient of variation of Mass, Yarn hairiness, Yarn roundness, Imperfection index, Thick, Thin and Neps. Also Roving and Sliver unevenness and Co-efficient of variation can be measured.
  • Uster TensoJet 4
  • It measures Single thread strength and Elongation.
  • Uster Classimat3 :
  • Measures Seldom occurring faults in the yarn. We get yarn faults classification wise like short thick,long thick and long thin. It helps to set the clearing limits in the final winding clearer settings to reduce the objectionable faults in the fabric.
  • Electronics Cascade Stretch 700M :
  • It measures Yarn Count, Count CV%, Strength ,Strength CV%, and CSP.
  • Trash Seperater :
  • It is separated Trash and Lint in the Raw Material to determine percentage waste to be removed in the process.
  • Twist Tester :
  • To check the Twist per inch in the single and double yarn.
  • Ultra Violet Chamber :
  • Detecting Raw material and Process deficiencies.