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Amaravathi Textiles Pvt Ltd, established 1983 was set up with a vision to provide premium quality yarns in finer counts using the latest in textiles manufacturing technology. The company is led by the founder and Managing Director Shri Kandimalla Srinivasa Rao who backed with a 45 years of rich experience in Cotton and Spinning Yarns . His leadership is the strength of the Company in all its business avenues and expansions.  The mills are situated at Martur, Prakasam Dist. Andhra Pradesh, India.

We are recognized as one of the prominent manufacturers for 100% Cotton Yarns in Andhra Pradesh India. Today, our Mills has a spinning capacity of 139728 spindles and 6096 rotors. We focused on a compact yarn sustained on the product and established the quality brand in the market We produce benchmark quality yarn and has consistently met the highest standards, thus poised to grow from strength to strength in the company’s growth story. The mills have state-of-the-art technology machinery installed. The company has its Ginning Division with 108 Ginning Machines. This is one of the best and most modern TMC unit in the entire Andhra Pradesh. We have Solar Power Plant started in 2016 with a capacity of 10 MW generation.


Amaravathi Textiles Pvt Limited is committed to providing premium quality products to their customers and therefore has employed innovative technologies and machinery. The latest technologies and equipment have been imported from different countries around the world which have also helped us to maintain a premium quality with dependable service and supply.

To satiate the customer demand in terms of quality& delivery we adhere to international standards for the manufacturing process, uninterrupted power supply and dedicated staff are the backbone for timely delivery of world class products keeping in mind environmental & social issues.

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